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Timemore Mirror Scale Basic PLUS (Black)


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Black Mirror Scale Basic PLUS

– Updated sensor for more sensitive and accurate weighing
– On-off switch button on the side
– more intuitive and convenient push button

— digital scales with built-in timer —
— touch sensitive, measure pouring water level without delay —
— portable with built-in battery with USB charging cable —

Product details
– Brand: Timemore
– Model: Basic PLUS
– Dimensions: 152 x 130 x 26 mm.
– Weighing: 0.5g – 2,000g
– Resolution: 0.1g
– Built-in timer, waterproof
– Type A charging cable USB C
– 1600mAh battery
– with Auto Sleep mode (disabled in 3 minutes when idle in timer or 15 minutes in timer function)

Accessories in the box
– Timemore scale model: Basic PLUS
– USB Type C charging cable
– Silicon Heat pad for anti-slip

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