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Timemore C3 Pour Over Set Fish Pure (White)


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The Timemore Chestnut C3 Pour Over Set has everything you need to begin brewing like an expert and explore the incredible aromas and flavours of freshly ground and brewed pour over filter coffee.

The gem of the set is the Timemore Chestnut C3 hand Grinder. Having 38mm S/S burrs, 30+ Stepped Settings and capable of grinding for both Espresso and Filter options. Grinding Fresh beans right before you brew is the absolute best way to discover the full potential of the beans.

Also included is one of Timemore’s popular gooseneck 600ml Fish Pro Kettles, with precise pouring action at the tip, having no drips and controlled flow of water into the bed of grounds for the perfect extraction. Add the Thermometer stick to the Kettle and you can manage your temperature of water for consistency.

Timemore’s Conical Glass Crystal Eye Dripper with plastic rim, 50 paper filters and a 360ml Glass Server make up the rest of the Pour Over Set to begin brewing straight away. Designed to brew straight into the Carafe and serve as hot and fresh. Available in Black and White.

Pour Over Instructions:

Place Dripper on Carafe, a filter in the dripper and rinse it with hot water.
Grind 20g of coffee at a 16-24 click setting and pour in the dripper.
Slowly pour 40 ml of hot water over the grounds to evenly saturate them.
After 30 seconds, pour the remaining 300 ml in slow circles.
When the coffee finishes draining, pour and enjoy!
Timemore Chestnut C3 Pour Over Set FEATURES
Everything You Need – Except a Cup and Coffee of course. The Timemore Kit comes neatly packed in a soft foam box.

Flavour Full Coffee – With Freshly ground beans and temperature and pouring control, there’s no limits on flavour.

C3 Grinder – A superior grinder, up there with the best for quality grind consistency.

Travel Ready Grinder – The C3 Grinder is lightweight and compact, ready to go wherever you do.

Crystal Eye Glass Brewer – Glass is an excellent choice of brewer, great for thermal stability and really easy to keep clean.

Timemore C3 Coffee Grinder
Crystal Eye Glass Dripper 01
Glass Server 360ML
600ml Fish Kettle
Thermometer Stick
50 Paper Filter
Plastic Cleaning Brush
Timemore C3 Hand Grinder
Materials Aluminium, Tritan Plastic
Burrs 38mm CNC Stainless Steel
Hopper Capacity 25g
Adjustment Stepped Clicks
Dimensions (Ø) 5cm (H) 17cm
Weight 430g
Timemore Fish Pro Kettle
Materials Stainless Steel, Copper,Teflon
Capacity 600ml
Dimensions (Ø) 91mm (H) 138mm
Crystal Eye Pour over Dripper & Server
Materials Glass, Plastic
Capacity 1-3 Cups / 360ml

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