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SUNDAZE – Chirripo Drip Bag Box (Costa Rica)


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Costa Rica
Region: Chirripo
Varietal: Geisha
Process: Natural
Notes: Chocolate, Candied Orange, Rose
*** Premium Beans ***


Drip Bags are a new style of speciality coffee that allows you to drink high quality coffee in ANY location, without the need for expensive coffee machines, or barista-level brewing skills.

Similar to V60, drip bags utilise the pour-over brewing method. Only difference is, it’s cheaper, faster & easier. All you need, is a cup and some hot water.

How to Use the Drip Bags

Rip open the drip bag along the dotted line.

Attach hangers to sides of a cup.

Pour boiled water (90 degrees is ideal) over the coffee beans slowly. Continue pouring water and letting it drain until the desired amount and strength of coffee is produced. We recommend 225mL in total.

Once all water is drained, remove the drip bag.

Relax, enjoy & let the good vibes flow.

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