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Orchestrale Nota TP-DG – Black & Wood


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Nota is a 1 group professional espresso coffee machine with thermosiphonic supply system, E61 “Levetta” (lever) brewing raised group, 3 litres copper boiler, switch for water loading selection (from tank of 2,2 litres with capacitive level detector or from the water system), professional sized rotary pump for the coffee extraction, automatic boiler water loading, motor pump with air cooling, pipes of copper and pipe fittings of brass, protection thermostat for heating element, separate boiler pressure and pump pressure gauges, 1 signal lamp for working machine and 1 for water lack in the tank, easy to adjust boiler pressure switch essential for different coffee types and blends, frame of satined stainless steel AISI 304.


NEW Nota with Thermo PID (F°/C°) and Digit Chrono
Created for expert and less experienced baristas, giving the possibility of setting parameters, guaranteeing very high performance of coffee extraction and steam without needing a double boiler.

Perfect for barista and latte art training courses and coffee blend taste testing.


The Thermo PID allows you to use 3 programmed profiles (recipes):


Hybrid profile suitable for the less experienced barista,
Coffee Extraction profile suitable for blend testing,
Steam profile suitable for Latte Art training.


Moreover experienced baristas can set their personal profile adjusting 5 parameters from the menu.



Optional: joystick taps, Thermo PID and Digit Chrono, white filter holders for 1 or 2 cups, black or white filter holder E.S.E. pod or capsule adapter, nut wood kit (filter holders, lever and knobs), steam and water wands with teflon inside cold touch, color options and aesthetic customisation.


Orange, White

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