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Bravo Distributor


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Bravo 58.4 mm Espresso Distributor & Leveler


The Bravo Distributor & Leveler is a tool praised by pro-baristas including Danilo Lodi, a World Barista Championship (WBC) Certified Judge since 2011, a World Coffee Events (WCE) Representative since 2013, as well as a roaster, barista, instructor, and coffee consultant since 2004. Lodi uses the Distributor & Leveler to train contestants on the best ways to achieve a high-quality espresso by controlling all of the variables, which includes evenly distributing and leveling the coffee prior to tamping.

The Bravo Distributor & Leveler is also praised for its patented piston design which adapts to the amount of coffee in the basket, allowing the part to move freely without any resistance. This prevents the Distributor from compressing the coffee, and instead gently distributing it without pressure. Once the piston has come into contact with the coffee, rotating the leveling blades will evenly distribute the grounds into a even surface.

To increase the speed of the piston, the three screws on top of the tool can be removed to improve air flow, allowing the piston to descend more quickly.

Bravo’s Distributor & Leveler pairs well with the Bravo Tamper as the next step in your espresso brewing experience. After creating a polished surface that eliminates the opportunity for channeling or an uneven extraction, you can utilize the tamper to compress the coffee for a perfect extraction.

Compatible with 58mm Portafilters

How to Use the Bravo Distributor and Leveler

  1. Place the Bravo Distributor on top of the coffee grounds with the piston facing downward and the collar of the Distributor resting on the perimeter of the portafilter. This ensures that the tool is placed in the center of your filter basket and is ready to evenly distribute your coffee.
  2. Spin the Bravo Distributor & Leveler 2-3 times clockwise to distribute the coffee grounds beneath the piston.
  3. Spin the Bravo Distributor & Leveler 2-3 times counterclockwise to further distribute the coffee grounds beneath the piston.
  4. Gently lift the Distributor out of your portafilter and proceed to tamp your polished bed of coffee.

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