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Airscape Upgrade Fresh-Port Inner Lid


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Airscape® is an award-winning coffee storage canister with a patented inner lid that forces the air out with a “swoosh,” creating an “airless” instead of airtight environment. Airscape® has now revolutionized this technology with the addition of the Fresh-Port™. Fresh-Port™ includes a port to introduce inert gasses like Argon or Nitrogen to create a barrier between your dry goods and oxygen. The new upgraded Airscape® Classic inner lid also includes a degassing valve to release naturally occurring CO2. Finally, the inner lid is now clear to be able to see your coffee right inside the canister.

Upgrade your Airscape® Classic Coffee Canister today and grab one of our Airgone™ Argon Canisters good for 75 2-second flushes!

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